5 Steps To Finding & Being A Great Workout Partner

There are definitely days where it can be tough to get yourself motivated to go to the gym.  Everyone has those days.

You’ve been working all day and it has felt like the day has drug on for hours on end.  Or maybe you just aren’t feeling the best and the last thing you want to do is go push your body to workout.

Everyone has been there before.  And this is why it can be so helpful to have a solid workout partner.

A gym partner who is going to keep you honest and get you to the gym, even if they have to drag you there.

By all means, working out alone does have its benefits.  But having a partner helps keep you accountable for one another.  Excuses just aren’t an option.

Just admit it.  We have all been there before and found

some reason or another

to skip the gym. And if you weren’t waiting around for a workout partner, you’d probably be getting your arse to the gym!


The only one you are letting down is yourself.  And those rare workouts you miss can be the difference from having a good physique and the body of your dreams.

If you don’t have a workout partner, make sure to check out the guidelines below to help you pick out the perfect gym accomplice, and be one as well.  And if you already have one, check them out to ensure your partner is up to par.

1. Choose The Right Gym Partner!

No I don’t mean pick someone who enjoys the same types of movies, books and coffee shops as you.

Rather, you want to find someone whose gym goals and abilities match closely to yours.  This not only makes both of your lives easier when lifting together in the gym, but will further help motivate one another to achieve goals.

For instance, if your goals were more bodybuilding aligned (i.e. more volume and hypertrophy goals) versus if your partner’s goals were more powerlifting based (maximizing strength), then you aren’t likely going to be working out with similar lifts, volume, set & rep schemes, etc.

Thus, find someone who is working to achieve similar results and goals as you.  Ideally, someone who lifts around the same weight (or preferably a bit stronger for the added motivation).  Before you know it, you guys will be best buds.


It’s also important to remember to push one another. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of friendly competition with your gym partner, as this will serve as that added workout motivation.

2. Be A Reliable Workout Partner.

Both you and your partner need to be committed.  Get to the gym regularly – DON’T SKIP WORKOUTS!  No one wants a gym partner who isn’t going to hold them accountable and get them in the gym each and every day.

One of the central reasons to have a workout partner is to have someone who will help get you to the gym regularly.  If you have a gym partner who is going to bail on you, and you end up not making it to the gym because of this, then you need a different gym partner.

By all means, there are exceptions to this rule.  Things can come up, as we all know.  Emergencies happen.  And when they do, just be sure to let your partner know you can’t make it and what is going on.  Open communication between gym partners will go a long ways.

The last thing anyone wants is to go to the gym and wait around for their gym partner not to show up.  Be an honest and respectful gym partner, and let your buddy know if you aren’t able to make it.

Remember, you need someone to keep you accountable.  If your partner is bailing on you often, bail on them and find a better gym partner.  Get someone who will keep pushing you to that next level.


3. When you’re in the gym, get shit done.

Don’t be that guy (or girl) who makes the gym their social hour.  I’ve seen it too many times – just moseying around from person to person striking up different conversations.

Sure you can go over and say hello to one of your buddies or fellow gym goers.  But don’t talk their ear off for twenty minutes.  Say your hello’s and get back to work.

You don’t pay that gym membership to screw around and chat with everyone.  You’re only gonna waste your time and theirs.

Make sure this applies to both you and your gym partner as well.  When you guys are in there, keep focused and keep pushing yourselves!  There’s nothing better than working out with someone who is going to keep pushing you to be better.

4. Learn how to be a good spotter.

I’m sure we have all seen our fair share of poor spotters out there (I know I have).

It never fails – the spotter just grabs the bar on bench press and lifts it for you.  Or a spotter on a barbell squat who has their hands under the barbell like they’re gonna be able to hold it up all by themselves.


Don’t be that person.  Learn how to properly spot!  Take the time and read up, or watch some youtube demos, on how to correctly spot for each exercise (i.e. bench press, squats, shoulder press, etc).

It will be helpful information and your gym partner will be sure to appreciate that you made the effort to as well.

Remember, when spotting your primary goal is to keep the person performing the exercise safe.  The last thing someone wants is to be injured because their gym partner couldn’t properly spot them.

5. Motivate one another and celebrate your accomplishments.

You don’t have to be those guys in the gym screaming at one another at the top of their lungs.

But you do want to encourage and motivate each other.  This will make it more fun for both of you and push each of you to keep getting better.

Sometimes a little motivation is all it takes to push yourself to hit that new personal record.

It can be fun to do a bit of a rewards system for hitting new personal bests.  You could take your gym partner out and get him or her a beer for hitting a new max on squats.  Or you could give them a new pre-workout to try.

The little things like that can make a big difference.

And remember, always have fun throughout the process.  Becoming stronger, slimmer, healthier, or anything you are trying to do should be fun.

Having the right workout partner is a great thing to help keep you motivated and take you to the next level.

Enjoy the ride and celebrate your accomplishments, you deserve it.

Anything else you think is important in the right workout partner?  Feel free to comment below!

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