You Only Need 20 Minutes For This Fat Torching At Home Workout

One thing I have learned over the years in the fitness industry is it can be difficult to find time to workout some days.  Thus, sometimes it can be easier to get a quick workout at home.

At home workouts are great.  You can perform these routines with little to no gym equipment, and often they can be done in a very timely manner.

The workout below only requires 30 minutes of your time and you’re guaranteed to be pouring sweat after this one.

This workout is a tabata style workout.  I have written about these before, but I’ll explain exactly what tabata is in short.  Tabata is a great method to pump your heart rate up and keep it elevated throughout your home workout.  These workouts are guaranteed to burn fat in a very short amount of time.

Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds, then followed by a 10 second rest period.  The tabata workout I have provided below will be performed circuit style for a total of 3 rounds.

There are ten different exercises.  You perform exercises 1 through 10 in chronological order, performing each exercise for 20 seconds and taking 10 seconds before moving on to the second exercise.  After you have done this for all 10 exercises, you repeat the round in the same fashion twice more.

You essentially perform each exercise 3 times in a circuit style workout.  Each round should take 5 minutes (10 exercises = 20 seconds x 10 = 200 seconds, + 10 seconds x 10 rest periods = 300 seconds = 5 minutes).

I personally prefer to take a longer rest period after each round has been fully completed.  Essentially once you have completed the tenth exercise of the round, take 1 to 2 minutes of rest if you need before cycling back through the next round.

Now let’s take a look at the workout:


Remember, we are performing this tabata style.  Perform each exercise in the order of one through ten for 20 seconds each, and 10 seconds of rest in between.  Do this two more times for a total of three rounds.

This tabata circuit is guaranteed to get you sweating and working your ass off.  Get as many repetitions of each exercise as you can in 20 seconds each time.

The workout can also be done almost anywhere!  Doesn’t require any weights or other gym equipment, just the motivation to work hard and torch some fat!

Give the workout a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more core work, make sure to check out our 10 minute at home ab workout as well to get those 6-pack abs!

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